Welcome! By the end of this guide, you'll have all your data in Helme and will be ready to start reaping its benefits. In order to get your school's data entered quickly, we've created an onboarding wizard. The onboarding wizard will appear the first time that you log in. It is a pared down version of the app that asks for the bare minimum necessary to get started with Helme. This whole process will take 5-10 minutes. Let's get started!

1. Prepare for the onboarding Wizard

You’ll need:                 
    i.   Enrollment numbers            
    ii.  Financial statements (P&L and balance sheet)

If your organization uses Quickbooks online, you’ll want to have login information on hand. Likewise, if your organization uses Quickbooks Desktop, you’ll need an excel export of a default P&L report. If your organization uses neither of these, an excel file of your latest budget will do fine.

2. Provide your school's name and basic financial status

The numbers that you enter in the "Finances" section of this page should come from your balance sheet.
Reserve: Current Assets
Debt: Current Liabilities
Endowment: Endowment Fund.

3. Enter Enrollment Information

The checkbox on the left enables and disables classes.
Careful! If your school plans on growing into new classes, you should not disable them here. For example, Covenant Academy has K-3 currently, but they're planning on expanding through 6th over the next 4 years. They should enable grades 4-6 and set their enrollment to 0.

Enrollment Capacity should be based off current or planned classroom capacity, not the capacity of your personnel.

4. Import your budget

First, select the best import option for your school. We recommend Quickbooks Online if possible.

Quickbooks Online
   Log into your account and connect it with Helme.

Quickbooks Desktop
   1. In Quickbooks, create a new P&L report with the default settings.
   2. Export the report as an Excel file.
   3. Upload the report to Helme.

Other Excel
   1.  Arrange an excel document so that line item names are all in one column, and line item budgeted values are in another column.
   2.  In the dropdown above the Name column, select Name.
   3.  In the dropdown above the Value column, select Value.
   4.  Click Confirm.

Excel File Format
Excel Column Selection

5. Sort your line items into the Helme categories

One of the features we love is the ability to compare finances across schools. Standardizing the “shape” of everyone’s budget by using the same high level categories helps us do that. As such, after you’ve imported your budget using one of the three above methods, you’ll see the screen on the right.

On the left is a line item (which might also have child items). On the right are the possible destinations for that line item. For each line item, select the category to which it belongs.

Once you're done sorting all the line items, click "Finish Sorting."

6. Finish Setup

Hit submit on the final screen and see your new dashboard! Next, we recommend customizing your dashboard to display all the metrics that you want to see.